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Irish B&B's offer high standard accommodation for tourists. They are to be found everywhere in Ireland, and are usually family run. Always popular with visitors because of their warm, friendly atmosphere - and the reasonable price - they provide full Irish breakfast as well as comfortable rooms. They are not hotels, so don't expect a bar or a pageboy. But you can expect to meet a pleasant and helpful host who will make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Do remember to book early.

A typical quality irish guesthouse!

B&B's are everywhere in Ireland. Wherever your interest takes you, in pursuit of scenery, sport or entertainment, as sure as you will find the sky over your head, you'll also find a B&B. Indeed, you will usually find not just one, but a choice of several. Most will have official regulatory approval; some may not. Not having official approval does not necessarily mean that a B&B has a poorer standard. In fact, it may have an even higher one. It may just mean that the proprietors have not sought approval.

However, just as there are bad hotels and bad guesthouses, there are also bad B&B's. Happily these are scarce enough. But it emphasises the point that the visitor should seek the consistency of the industry standard to be on the safe side. So be safe: look for the shamrock sign.


Irish B&B's offer the best value in reasonably priced accommodation. The consistent experience and feedback from our customers underline the financial savings to be made from staying in bed and breakfast during your visit to Ireland. On average, a night's stay in a B&B will cost you about US$35. The same night in a hotel could cost US$100. This is a significant saving over several nights, and especially where a family or group are concerned.


The best news is that this saving is not at the expense of good standards. Conditions in Irish B&B's are consistently to a high standard, and offer cleanliness, comfort and convenience to the visitor. Most are family run, and as a consequence in contrast to hotels, the atmosphere is relaxed, informal and noticeably friendly. In addition, the proprietors, who are used to dealing with tourists on a daily basis, are always eager with help and advice for their visitors. For this reason, many visitors to Ireland make B&B's their accommodation of choice. For the same reason, many also make repeat visits to the same establishment year after year.

Another important point to be aware of is that despite the proliferation of B&B's throughout the country, you could still find yourself travelling miles from your preferred location in a frustrating 'bed' search. That's what happens if you fail to observe common sense. Common sense in this context means : 'Book in advance.' If you have booked through Ireland's Best B&B's, you don't need to worry about this aspect of your travels as we will have taken care of all your bookings. But if you decide to hit out on your own, put a highlight line in your mental jotter to say: "Be wise, and book." Otherwise, instead of staying in the $35 dollar B&B, you may end-up in the $100 dollar hotel ............that is, if they have a bed for you!


The squeeze on accommodation is most pronounced during the summer months, and particularly in Dublin and the more popular destinations. And that brings us to some specific advice about Dublin. This demand has naturally led to an increase in B&B providers within the city and its suburbs. Not all are run with the traditional flair common to old style bed and breakfast residences. As a consequence, standards may be variable. In turn, the visitor needs to exercise a greater degree of discernment in relation to choice of establishment. Why choose the okay house on this street when there is a really excellent one around the corner? Why pay dearer in house 'X' when house 'Y' is cheaper and better?


The choice is neither obvious nor easily made. But if we could give one bit of advice, it is to book through us at Ireland's Best B&B's. We will do more than take the guesswork out of things. We will put your mind at rest in the knowledge that all your accommodation needs have been professionally taken care of, and that you will enjoy the best, thanks to the best online booking service for Irish accommodation. Happy Holidays!

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